Marcellin College Community Association

Parent Volunteers Supporting Marcellin

The Marcellin College Community Association supports Marcellin College Bulleen VIC Australia by fostering a strong parent volunteering presence in the school. Activities include Canteen, Second Hand Uniforms and Books, Fund Raising events such as the Mothers Day Breakfast, Fathers Day Breakfast and the Gala Ball.

Photo: 2018 Volunteers Mass and Luncheon © Marcellin College Foundation

Teresa Michelangeli



Teresa is married to Marc and they have three sons. She currently has her youngest son, Lewis, in Year 10 at Marcellin. Teresa and her family have been part of the Marcellin family since 2008 when her eldest son Alex began his journey. The Michelangeli’s decision to send their eldest child to Marcellin began way before Alex started primary school. They had the privilege to know many current and past students of Marcellin and could see the type of person Marcellin College had a part in producing. They saw these young men as confident, strong, caring and loyal. Boys that loved their school and were happy to express their feelings to others. This is what they have wanted for all three sons. As an educator in the Catholic school system, Teresa has said that one of the most important criteria when selecting a school was “Which school is going to help mould my boys to be the best people they can be?” The best option was and is Marcellin College for the Michelangeli boys.

Over many years at Marcellin, Teresa has contributed to the school community by volunteering for as many activities as possible, and found it immensely satisfying. More importantly, she believes that being a volunteer sends a message to her sons that Teresa is keen to support their school and that she wishes to walk on this journey with them. Teresa is very humbled and proud to have been elected again as the Marcellin College Community Association President for 2016. She is excited about having the opportunity to help build a spirit of community at the school, and she welcomes and encourages all members of the Marcellin Community to experience the satisfaction of volunteering whenever possible.