Marcellin College Community Association

Parent Volunteers Supporting Marcellin

The Marcellin College Community Association supports Marcellin College Bulleen VIC Australia by fostering a strong parent volunteering presence in the school.  Activities include Canteen, Second Hand Uniforms and Books, Fund Raising events such as the Mothers Day Breakfast, Fathers Day Breakfast and the Gala Ball. 


Photo: Mums getting into the spirit of the Marcellin-Seina Colour Fun Run

Parent Volunteers

Our Lovely mum's who helped prepare the BBQ for the 2017 Yr 7 students.

A BIG thank you to all of our parents who kindly volunteer their time to support the activities of the Marcellin College Community Association. We have had a wonderful response from our new Year 7 families this year.

Under the guidance of canteen Manager Gerry Barney, a number of our new parents have worked at the canteen.  

And with the social season of the MCCA about to ramp-up, we are expecting to call on our volunteer list to good effect!

If you have not volunteered yet, or are not sure if you are on our volunteer list and would like to be, please either contact the MCCA via email here or complete the form on this page. Someone will be in touch to confirm your availability.


Teresa Michelangeli

MCCA President






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