Marcellin College Community Association

Parent Volunteers Supporting Marcellin

The Marcellin College Community Association supports Marcellin College Bulleen VIC Australia by fostering a strong parent volunteering presence in the school. Activities include Canteen, Second Hand Uniforms and Books, Fund Raising events such as the Mothers Day Breakfast, Fathers Day Breakfast and the Gala Ball.

Photo: 2018 Volunteers Mass and Luncheon © Marcellin College Foundation

Year 7 Class Social Events - Background

The Class Social Events are a great way to meet other Year 7 parents and 'break the ice' with your Marcellin social networks. These 'micro' social gatherings are typically organised around things like morning coffee catch ups or evening drinks, although each class is free to choose their preferred social setting.  

As a guide, we strongly recommend the following:

  • The timing and location of the event should suit the volunteers first and foremost.  If you are generous enough to be the nominated social rep, then you get to choose where and when it happens*
  • * The first of these events are best held within the first month of term one
  • At least one other event should be planned for the year (in the past some classes have had three or more!)
  • The second (or final event) may want to be towards the end of the year  - BBQs and picnics are popular
  • The first event should be done at a 'walk in - walk out' venue (hence coffee shops, good pubs and the like). Gathering in a park with the whole family is also another option.
  • The cost to the parents should be nominal - the cost of morning tea, a few drinks at the bar or BYO food.
  • You should NOT handle money for this first event - keep it simple - everyone pays for their own coffee/drinks etc at the counter
  •  You will not be able to 'throw a blanket' over everyone re timing of day or night - again that is just the way it goes. 
  • Ideas that our Year7s parents have come up with for subsequent events include Wine/Supper Evenings, Parent Dinners, Family Dinners, Family BBQs in local parks, Father Son night at Latitude & Barefoot Bowling - Here are more suggested venues


There is no hard and fast guideline as to how many people you can expect to attend these events.  10-12 people at that first event is a excellent result.  If you only have 3-4 people at that first one - that is fine too.  

Volunteering to be the Year 7 Class Reps - what you need to know

  • Each class has had at least 3 people self-nominate to be the Social Reps for these social events.  If you would like to add your name to the list (or if you have forgotten whether you did or not and want to be sure you are on that list) then contact Lisa or Prue - see contact details below
  • We then circulate the contact details of the volunteers to each of you
  • You make contact with each other and agree on a  format, time and venue (please check with the venue ahead of time about possible numbers)
  • Contact us with the details and we will mock up a simple flyer and send to all the Year 7 families in your class with the details. The RSVP contact can be either someone in the organising group or us.
  • With the initial event at least, we will check in once in a while to see how your planning is going (assuming we have not heard anything)
  • It would be great if a few happy snap pictures were taken and sent back to us for sharing
Rivat House, Sandra Street, Buleen

Rivat House, Sandra Street, Buleen

Who to Contact

Lisa Gillies or Prue O'Shannessy - Foundation Office.  Mobile is 0451 168 655 or

Foundation Office - Rivat House, Sandra Street Bulleen.  Feel free to pop in - We are open 9-5 Monday to Friday.