Marcellin College Community Association

Parent Volunteers Supporting Marcellin

The Marcellin College Community Association supports Marcellin College Bulleen VIC Australia by fostering a strong parent volunteering presence in the school. Activities include Canteen, Second Hand Uniforms and Books, Fund Raising events such as the Mothers Day Breakfast, Fathers Day Breakfast and the Gala Ball.

Photo: 2018 Volunteers Mass and Luncheon © Marcellin College Foundation

Thank you for offering to volunteer

Welcome to 2017 and the beginning of your son’s secondary school journey.  If you are like me, you are probably wondering where the school holidays went!  

Thank you for your generous offer to be a volunteer at the College this year.  I am confident that you will enjoy the experience, especially meeting the many other volunteers and all the wonderful social interactions that go with it.  

Don’t underestimate the positive signals you are sending your son as he starts his important journey here at Marcellin. Your volunteering experience this year may end up being just a minor ‘one-off’ one, or it may be a recurring role; regardless of which it is, please take it from me that your contribution (even your pledge to be a contributor at this stage) is highly valued.

It is important to stress from the start that as a volunteer you will not be asked to take on an unrealistic or onerous workload.  All of our parent groups are wonderfully led and well organised. We work with each to ensure that the duties are spread around and any of the serious ‘heavy lifting’ tasks are supported by our office when needed. 

Also, just an important disclaimer; College Teaching staff and the College website should be your first destinations for all matters related to academic and learning matters.  

Our office has no role in curriculum or learning.  

Over the next few weeks, you may want to take the time to visit the webpages and social media accounts of our respective volunteer groups, especially as they relate to your volunteering preference(s).  The MCCA for example oversees the Canteen, Father’s Day & Mother’s Day breakfasts & Gala Ball. 

In no order of importance:

    •    MCCA:  Marcellin College Community Association. (this website)  
    •    FOMPA:  Friends of Marcellin Performing Arts
    •    Rugby PSG: Marcellin Rugby Parent Support Group
    •    MBN: Marcellin Business Network
    •    PPMs: Marcellin Past & Present Mum’s
    •    MOCA: Marcellin Old Collegians Association

So what happens next?

    •    standby for further communications specifically related to your respective volunteering interests
    •    bookmark the relevant volunteering websites of interest,
    •    consider joining Twitter, FaceBook and other social platforms and add us in
    •    watch our for our presence at the the Yr 7 Parent info evening on Feb 8 at 7pm

Class Volunteers

We have had 40 parents volunteer to be involved with being Class Reps which is fantastic. We will be running some specific sessions for these people (one evening, one morning) however if you can’t make either of these please don’t stress.
Please click here to view some basic guidelines.
Action Points
    •    attend info session
    •    read website guidelines
    •    communicate with other parents in your class who are also Reps
    •    decide on a format, date and venue (please keep it simple)




Chris Mirabella

Marcellin College Foundation